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Learn to Trade

Enroll to our mentoring-based education program and get support from professional traders and educators.

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Test yourself in a realistic enviroment to see if you have what it takes to begin trading professionally.

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After the successful completion of our education program you will get an offer from our partner company.

Everything About the Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a six month comprehensive trading course that teaches about markets, risk management and technical trading, and pairs you with a proprietary trading firm upon completion.

The course begins with your personal mentor who has passed their Series 3 and Series 34 examinations. The mentor guides you through a video course and webinar catalog through weekly one to one sessions. Upon finishing the course and webinars, you will begin a trading simulator wherein the mentor will oversee your performance. The Bootcamp is rounded off with a supervised trial in The Gauntlet™.

Upon completion of The Gauntlet™ you will receive an offer to become a professional trader.

Why is the bootcamp better than other trading education?

The Bootcamp is a 360 degree course designed to get you trading in the shortest timeline possible. It features a full online video course, live mentoring via voice (or video) chat, simulated training, and our unique Gauntlet™ examination that upon completion will get you trading full-time for a proprietary trading firm.

Do I need to have any background to participate?

No prior background is required, the bootcamp is designed for newbie traders.

What’s the schedule of the bootcamp?

You can see the schedule here.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are Earn2Trade educational trainers who have passed their National Futures Association (NFA) Series 34 and Series 3 examinations.

They will help you with any education topic that you are struggling with. You can book them for 30 minutes, or more if you need.

What offer will I receive upon successful completion?

If a candidate successfully completes The Gauntlet™ they will receive a guaranteed funding offer from one of our proprietary trading partners. The offer contains, but is not limited to three main points, including the funding amount, the maximum drawdown and the profit split.

Funding Amount
$25,000.00. All of the funds are available for the traders from day one as available margin.

Profit Split

The maximum drawdown depends on your performance in the Gauntlet™ and is based on the following chart:

Drawdown in GauntletDrawdown Offered
2% or less$2,500 and a full refund
3% or less$2,000
4.5% or less$1,750
7% or less$1,500
10% or less$1,000

Here's an example of a real offer sent to a successful candidate from Helios Trading Partners.


How much does the bootcamp cost?

It's a single payment of $2,499 for the full program. Occasionally, we offer discounts for our email subscribers.

Bootcamp Schedule


CalendarDays 1-45

  • Learn to trade with our video lessons
  • Weekly sessions with your personal mentor
  • Access our growing library of supplemental content
  • Gain hands-on experience with simulator practice


CalendarDays 46-120

  • Trade simulated funds with live market data
  • Develop your own trading method
  • Learn to manage your risk
  • Weekly performance reviews with your mentor
  • Prepare for The Gauntlet™

The Gauntlet™

CalendarDays 121-180

  • Submit a trading plan in the dashboard
  • Manage a $25,000.00 virtual account over a 60 calendar day period
  • Trade a minimum of 30 calendar days and once per week
  • Stay within a 10% non-trailing drawdown
  • Reach a 10% profit target by the end of The Gauntlet™


  • Complete education that gives you everything you need to start trading the financial markets
  • Weekly mentoring sessions to help you develop your own strategy
  • Hands on training on a live data simulator
  • Free NinjaTrader license during your education & evaluation
  • Final evaluation in the form of the Gauntlet™ funding program
  • Favorable tax status for professional traders at Helios
  • The best customer service in the industry

Ready to kickstart your new career?

Enroll now to our trading evaluation tool, test yourself - and get an offer after successful completion!

  • Lifetime Access to Educational Material
  • Personal Mentor
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Trading Platform (Data Feed Included *)
  • The Gauntlet™ Challenge
  • Certificate Upon Successful Completion
  • Guaranteed Funding Offer After Successful Completion


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