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Everything About the Gauntlet™

The Gauntlet™ is a custom developed trading simulation that will determine if you are ready to trade live in the market. The evaluation is based on just a few hard rules enabling the trader maximum flexibility in pursuing their preferred trading strategy.

Upon successful completion you will gain access to capital made available by our proprietary trading partner and you will be able to begin professionally trading.

What are The Gauntlet rules?

We acknowledge that every single trader is different, and our proprietary trading firm partner, Helios Trading Partners is looking for diversified traders. Therefore, we only have a few rules in order to successfully pass The Gauntlet™.

1) Trade over a period of 60 days
2) $25,000.00 virtual account
3) Generate a 10% profit by completion of the 60 day period
4) Trade a minimum of one trade per week

Candidates have the option of choosing preset stop loss, daily loss and weekly loss limits, as well as setting their own rules for the 60-day evaluation period. It's important to note, that if a candidate chooses to set their own rules, they should do their best to abide by them in order to receive the best offer.

We do ask Gauntlet™ customers to do one more thing, in order to get a better funding offer: describe their trading strategy in as clearly and detailed a manner as possible and stick to that style when trading. This includes setting their own drawdown limit, daily targets, etc. This is to be done before The Gauntlet™ starts. Failing to do so will not end the challenge, but will probably result in a more “careful” funding offer.

Guaranteed funding offer after successful completion.

How much capital will be made available upon successful completion?

Funding is generally between 10-25k. All of that is available for the traders from day one of their trading with Helios. This is available margin. Our partners generally allows a 20% drawdown from these funds, but if your Gauntlet™ performance shows that you regularly dip below 50% and still are profitable, they may make allowances for that. Your funding offer is an initial funding offer and the prop firm may request reviews and increase your funds, based on performance.

Here’s an example of an offer sent to a successful Gauntlet candidate from Helios.


How much does the program cost?

$349.00, you can see the price lists here.

Do I need to have any background?

You should have a background in trading before taking The Gauntlet™. If you have no background in trading, we would strongly recommend our Bootcamp.

What types of Gauntlet™ are available?

Futures and Forex.

How long is the program?

60 days.

Does my 60-day evaluation period start immediately upon purchasing The Gauntlet™?

After the purchase, you will have 72 hours to set up and start your Gauntlet™. If you don't set up and start your Gauntlet™ for more than 72 hours, the evaluation period will start automatically, regardless of your preferences.

Become a Professional Trader

The Gauntlet™ Details

  • 60 Day Evaluation Period
  • $25,000 virtual account
  • Demonstrate consistent profitability
  • Reach 10% profit at the end of the 60 days ($2500)
  • Place at least one trade per week

Proprietary Traders Benefits

  • 100% funded by the proprietary trading firm
  • Up to 80% profit split, depending on The Gauntlet™ performance
  • Withdraw any time
  • Work with a team

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  • The Gauntlet™ Challenge
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  • Guaranteed Funding Offer After Successful Completion