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The GauntletTM

Proving your skills can be the gateway to changing your career


The GauntletTM is a custom developed trader evaluation tool that will determine if you are ready to trade live in the market, and it is the final step in our education program. It should be attempted after finishing one of our education packages. Those with ample experience on the market already can attempt to pass the GauntletTM as well.

We’ve partnered with a proprietary trading firm to validate your GauntletTM performance. Upon successful completion of The GauntletTM your results will be sent to our proprietary trading partner, who will review your results and bring you on as a funded trading partner of their firm. We’ll also issue you a certificate upon successful completion as a symbol of passing The GauntletTM.

Live Account Managers

The Gauntlet is your final hurdle before beginning your trading career. It takes what the trading simulator started to a whole new level. The addition of clear goals helps traders keep their focus. Through the GauntletTM dashboard, you can observe all of your trades and make sure you stay on track to complete it successfully.

Our Account Managers will keep in contact with you during your time in The Gauntlet. They can help you reflect on your trading and give suggestions for improvement. Speaking with your Account Manager will assist you in making it through The Gauntlet, as well as building the discipline you need as a professional trader.

The GauntletTM Rules

  • 60 Day Evaluation Period
  • $25,000 virtual account
  • Demonstrate consistent profitability
  • Reach 10% profit at the end of the 60 days ($2500)
  • Place at least one trade per week

Become a Professional Trader

Proprietary Traders Benefits
  • 100% funded by the proprietary trading firm
  • Up to 80% profit split, depending on The GauntletTM performance
  • Withdraw any time
  • Work with a team

The GauntletTM is a testing mechanism that if passed may earn you a position in a proprietary trading firm. When you complete the GauntletTM, your results will be sent to one of our partners for review who will evaluate your performance and offer you a spot in their program.

Upon acceptance, you will have access to capital made available by the proprietary trading group and you will be able to launch your trading career. The biggest benefit of being accepted to a proprietary trading fund include the ability to trade without risking any personal capital.

There are other upsides that draw people to the life of a trader. You have a flexible work schedule that you get to determine. You also get to operate out of your own home. Some traders even have side projects they fit in while trading full time.

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