Trading Simulator

Trade with simulated money using real-live market data


Any skill that includes risk requires education and practice. You wouldn’t get behind the wheel without learning to drive and you shouldn’t jump into the market without learning how to trade either. With our Trading Simulator you have a safe starting point. You can try every technique and experiment and there is no way to lose anything. Instead, your simulated positions get tracked in real time.

Remember, even though you are not using real money to trade on the simulator, you are indeed trading on real live data without any lag. You are testing yourself on real market data.

Finally, don’t forget that any trading activity needs to be assessed and saved. Part of learning to trade is analyzing what you have done right and wrong - all this will help you get accustomed to the pressure of live trading.

Built to Educate

Our Trading Simulator was built to teach you how to trade Futures. It’s a perfect environment to master your trading skills without risking your own funds.

It runs on a real time market price feed, so while you may be playing with demo money, you’re still demo trading on real market data. The Trading Simulator comes programmed with defaultlayouts that are useful for any new trader, and is customizable to any trader’s needs. Practice, learn the different functions and customize our recommended trading platform to your taste. When you are comfortable, take the step and start trading live.