Trader Career Path

Trader Career Path


Pass the Test

The first step of your career as a trader. Take the test on a virtual account and become a funded futures trader.


Upgrade Your Live Accounts

Upgrade through a series of Live accounts ($25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $200,000) by hitting the profit target on each step.


Upgrade to $200,000

Work your way up to the brand new $200,000 Live account with a drawdown fixed to $194,000. Hit the profit target and receive a custom account.


How the Trader Career Path Works

The Trader Career Path is the best choice for those who want a clear path towards trading professionally. It starts with an examination that tests trading proficiency and encourages risk management and discipline. Upon completing the examination, the trader will join a prop trading firm, receive a trading account and then grow that account by meeting fixed objectives.

Trader Career Path Play

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Take Your Profit and Upgrade


A withdrawal used to mean that the current account balance would fall close to the minimum account balance that needs to be maintained. This gave traders little room to navigate after the first withdrawal. Not on the Trader Career Path.

Once a trader has withdrawn the entire profit target, they will be upgraded to a fresh, larger account size with ample drawdown space to work with.

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Trader Career Path FAQ

What Happens After You Pass the Evaluation?

The prop firms will reach out to you and ask if you’d prefer a Live or a LiveSim account with $25,000 starting balance. It is entirely up to you, please read about the differences here.

What Happens After You Get Funded?

When you hit the target, you withdraw your profit and upgrade to a $50,000 account. This continues until you reach the $200,000 account - once you reach your profit goal on that, you will get a custom offer.


Is NinjaTrader Available?

NinjaTrader is available for free on the evaluation and the LiveSim.

What Are the Withdrawal Rules?

Once you are funded, you can withdraw 80% of your profits after meeting the profit target of each step. You don’t have to wait to accumulate the full profit target, you can also withdraw any amount over $100. The withdrawals have a cost of $10 per payment/ withdrawal, however the proprietary trading firms will waive this charge in its entirety for withdrawals above $500.

Starting from September 1, 2022, Withdrawals are processed through Deel, a third-party contract- and payment provider service.

Read more about the withdrawal policies here.

Why Does the Trader Career Path Have Only One Evaluation Account Size?

The Trader Career Path provides you with a stress-free way to withdraw your profits, and gradually and consistently upgrade your account. It starts with a $25,000.00 evaluation and you are given more funds to trade with upon completion of fixed targets. This gives a solid developmental framework for you while minimizing risk for the prop firm

How Can I Obtain the $200,000 Account?

The $200,000 account can only be acquired by upgrading your Live accounts ($25,000, $50,000, and $100,000) and reaching the profit target at each step.

Once you have the $200,000 account you will be given a $6,000.00 fixed drawdown (non-trailing). To get a custom offer from the prop firm, you must reach a profit target of $12,000.

What Are the Commissions?

Please see the commissions here.

Can I Reset the Evaluation?

Yes, you can. The base price for resets is $100. You can not reset the LiveSim or Live accounts.

Please note that the monthly subscription does not reset the account. If you failed your Trader Career Path attempt, you have to reset.

Pass the Evaluation and Scale Up Your Live Accounts

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  • Upgrade Your Live Accounts After Passing the Evaluation
  • Reach a $200,000 Account with Fixed Drawdown
  • Free NinjaTrader and/or Finamark license
  • Simulator Account for Practice and Testing
  • 60 day Journalytix License
  • Access Our Full Catalog of Educational Material During Your Evaluation Phase




Approved Times

You may trade beginning when the exchange trading opens for your particular asset. Generally this is 5pm CT but may differ based on holiday or asset.

Trading can be conducted throughout the day except over public holidays and any times when the exchanges are closed.