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The Gauntlet Mini™

Your shortest path to become a funded trader

Become a funded futures trader with Earn2Trade's trader funding test. Show your skills on a virtual account to get a funding offer from a proprietary trading firm that upgrades when you withdraw your profit.

Choose your account size

Choose your account size

Start your evaluation on a virtual futures trading account ranging from $50,000 to $200,000.

Trade at least $15 days

Trade at least 15 days

Prove your skills over a period of at least 15 trading days.

Get a funded trading account

Get a funded trading account

Pursue the career you’ve always wanted with a funded trading account.

Start Now the Gauntlet Mini™

How the Gauntlet Mini™ Works

Our funded trader program

The Gauntlet Mini™ is an intraday futures trading exam that guarantees trader funding by our proprietary trading firm partner upon successful completion. To pass the test, you must trade without breaking the rules for at least 15 days and reach the specified profit target. It is a subscription-based examination that lasts until you pass, cancel, or change your plan.

Our funded trader program

Show your skills to get an offer

Trader Funding

There’s a limit to how much money you can make on a personal trading account. The Gauntlet Mini™ helps traders who have the skill but lack the capital to overcome this obstacle by providing them with access to funds in return for a share of the generated profits. Take the test on a simulated account and qualify for funding based on the chosen size of your evaluation account.


The Gauntlet Mini™ Evaluation

Pass the test and get a guaranteed funding offer from our partner.

Virtual Starting Capital
The starting balance of your virtual evaluation account and the amount you get funded for when you pass.
Profit Goal
The amount of money you need to increase your starting account balance to pass the test.
EOD Drawdown *
The amount of money by which your current trading account balance is allowed to go below your highest trading account balance also considering open equity.
Daily Loss Limit *
The maximum loss you are allowed in a single trading day (based on the CME calendar). It is calculated on open equity.
Follow Progression Ladder *
The maximum number of contracts the trader can have open at any given time depending on their current account balance.
Up to 6 Contracts
Up to 12 Contracts
Up to 15 Contracts
Up to 16 Contracts
Monthly Subscription
The program is subscription-based, with automatic rebilling every 30 days.

The Gauntlet Mini™


Our funded trader program

Funded Trader Reviews

Check out these reviews and testimonials from users who passed our test and received their funding offer. They did it, and you can too! Be one of the thousands of traders who become funded futures traders through Earn2Trade's funded trading program.

Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

The Gauntlet Mini™ FAQ

2023 Fee Schedule Change
Please click the link to access the 2023 fee changes.
How long is The Gauntlet Mini™?
The Gauntlet Mini™ takes a minimum of 15 days to complete, assuming that the candidate has traded on at least 15 days. There is no fixed end date. The Gauntlet Mini™ will continue until the candidate successfully meets the targets, or cancels their subscription. Please note that the monthly subscription does not reset the account. If you failed your Gauntlet Mini™ attempt, you have to reset.
Can I reset The Gauntlet Mini™?
Yes. You can reset the Gauntlet Mini™ at any time for $100, however the reset will not restart your billing period. The reset will simply revert your account back to its original starting balance.
What are the different drawdown types?
Drawdown determines the minimum balance you are required to maintain on your trading account. There are three types of it: End of Day Drawdown (EOD), Trailing Drawdown (TDD), and Fixed Drawdown. EOD calculates and updates your minimum balance based on closed positions at the end of every trading day, TDD does so based on open and closed positions throughout the trading day, while Fixed Drawdown sets the minimum balance at a fixed level that never changes. Check out the infographic below to find out when each drawdown type applies depending on the program you choose.
What are the different drawdown types?
What happens after you get funded?
Candidates who pass the Gauntlet Mini™ will receive a guaranteed offer for a funded trading account with our proprietary trading partner firm. The size of that account is the same as the starting size of the Gauntlet Mini™ account you used to pass the evaluation. There are two types of funded trading accounts available:
  • LiveSim® Accounts
  • Live Accounts

LiveSim® Accounts

LiveSim® accounts are paper trading accounts. From the trader’s perspective, they function the same as Live accounts, including withdrawing profits, but with a few added benefits:
  • LiveSim® has a quicker setup. Traders can start trading them within two business days of accepting the funding agreement.
  • LiveSim® traders with Non-professional CME status will pay a one-time per-account activation fee of $139 (covering all four CME exchanges). Those with Professional status will be charged $130/month/exchange.
  • LiveSim® accounts calculate drawdown the same way as your Gauntlet Mini™ attempt. See the relevant FAQ explaining the drawdown calculation here.
LiveSim® is only available until you make your first $5,000 (minus the 20% profit split). After that, you will switch to a live account.

Live Accounts

Traders who choose to start trading on a Live account cannot return to a LiveSim® account afterward.
  • Live accounts take longer to set up because they require filing paperwork with a broker.
  • Monthly data fees on Live accounts are $130 for each exchange, including the first.
  • Live accounts calculate trailing drawdown based on intraday, open equity gains and losses.
What Are the Withdrawal Rules?
Once you are funded, you can withdraw 80% of your profits after meeting the profit target of each step. You don’t have to wait to accumulate the full profit target, you can also withdraw any amount over $100. The withdrawals have a cost of $10 per payment/ withdrawal, however the proprietary trading firms will waive this charge in its entirety for withdrawals above $500.

Starting from September 1, 2022, Withdrawals are processed through Deel, a third-party contract- and payment provider service.

Read more about the withdrawal policies here.
What are the Commissions?
Traders have the choice to select their preferred commission schedules on the Gauntlet Mini™ during the account setup procedure. They can choose between the default ($2.02 per contract) and the live commission structures (this mirrors the commissions schedule as offered by the prop firms). For more information please see:

Get A Funded Trading Account

  • The Gauntlet Mini™ Trader Funding Evaluation
  • Free NinjaTrader and/or Finamark license
  • Trading Simulator (Data Feed Included)
  • Free Journalytix License
  • Access to Our Full Catalog of Educational Material During Your Subscription
  • Guaranteed Funding Offer After Successful Completion
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Exam Disclaimer: In 2022, nineteen point forty-two percent (19.42%) of candidates have passed the Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™ examinations. This percentage is based on accounts passed against new accounts. The Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™ examinations are realistic simulations of trading in actual market conditions and are difficult for any experienced trader to pass. Neither the Trader Career Path® nor Gauntlet Mini™ examinations are suggested for individuals with little trading experience.
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